When Can You Get Dentures After Having Teeth Pulled?

June 6, 2023

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Are you in the process of recovering from a tooth extraction or preparing for one? There are multiple factors like decay, trauma, or overcrowding that can lead to this procedure. If you’re dealing with gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, the idea of restoring them with dentures might be appealing. Considering dentures are a common solution, you might be interested in knowing the timeline for getting them after your teeth have been extracted. Keep reading to learn about when you can get dentures following tooth extraction.

What Happens After a Tooth Is Extracted?

Once your dentist has successfully performed the tooth extraction, the healing of your gums generally takes about six to eight weeks. The recovery of the underlying bone is a lengthier process, extending over approximately six to eight months. It’s important to note that individual healing times can differ, so practicing patience during this phase is essential.

Many patients are eager to receive their dentures quickly. However, it’s crucial to follow your dentist’s guidelines for post-extraction care. Additionally, it’s important to avoid smoking or participating in any other harmful behaviors that could hinder the healing process.

How Long to Wait to Get Dentures After Teeth are Pulled

At times, your dentist could offer temporary dentures to prevent your smile from looking incomplete while your healing progresses. These provisional replacements also contribute to preserving the strength of your jawbone and the shape of your mouth. Additionally, temporary dentures allow patients to become accustomed to eating and speaking with the restorations.

Considering that the usual healing phase following a tooth extraction lasts from six to eight weeks, this timeframe is often recommended as the waiting period before getting dentures. Nevertheless, some dentists offer immediate dentures, which can be fitted on the same day as your tooth extraction. These immediate dentures do not interfere with the healing process and provide a rapid way to rejuvenate your smile.

What About Implant Dentures?

For patients desiring lasting stability, implant dentures are a fitting option. This includes placing dental implants through the gums into the jawbone, where they’ll fuse over about four to six months. There are several timing options for implant placement:

  • Immediate placement – The devices will be implanted by your dentist right after the tooth extraction. Your jaw and gums need to be healthy and strong enough for this option to be feasible.
  • Early placement – This method includes placing implants a few months after the tooth extraction, which is usually the recommended approach. If a bone graft is needed to strengthen the jawbone, it can be done within this timeframe.
  • Delayed placement – Although patients can still be eligible for implants even years later, those who delay placement beyond six months are more prone to experience bone loss in the extraction area and potentially encounter other complications.

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