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Any oral health issue that causes significant pain or noticeable damage to your teeth should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. To save time when it matters most, put the number for Rancho Park Dental Care in your phone right now, so you can call us right away for urgent emergency dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. We will make time to see you right away and always listen carefully to what you have to say. We’ll recommend nothing more or less than the services that you need to stop your pain and save your smile. If you need urgent dental care, call us immediately !

Why Choose Rancho Park Dental Care for Emergency Dental Care?

  • #1 Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority
  • #2 Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available
  • #3 Compassionate & Experienced Dental Team

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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Acting quickly and correctly can make all the difference in a dental emergency, so do your best to stay calm! Take a deep breath and follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Call us right away so we can schedule you for a same-day emergency appointment and provide first aid instructions over the phone.
  • Step 2: Get to our office for your emergency exam, where your Los Angeles emergency dentist will evaluate you, relieve pain if necessary, and review the findings with you. Together, you’ll create a custom treatment plan for getting your oral health back on track.
  • Step 3: As soon as a treatment plan has been made, our experienced and compassionate team will get to work right away. Whether you need a filling, root canal therapy, TMJ disorder therapy, or something else entirely, your comfort and well-being will always be our top priorities.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Are you suffering from tooth pain? Or did you break a tooth? Dental emergencies come in various forms, and you should make sure you’re prepared to deal with as many different situations as possible. Of course, your first step should always be to call our dental office to schedule an appointment so we can schedule an appointment for you and provide first aid instructions. In the meantime, here is some important information about the most common dental emergencies we treat.

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

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There isn’t just one way to deal with a dental emergency. The amount you pay will depend on what your needs are and what services are required. Our first and most important goal is always to put a stop to any pain and prevent further damage to your smile; you can trust us to only recommend services that you truly need. When explaining the costs involved, we’ll carefully review your payment options with you and help you figure out the best way to make your care affordable.

Every Dental Emergency is Different

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The initial emergency visit typically doesn’t cost very much. After examining your mouth and narrowing down the source of the problem, we can put together a potential treatment plan for you and give you an estimate of how much you can expect to pay. The procedures we recommend will be carefully chosen based on the results of our examination; that’s why you’ll only have an idea of how much emergency dentistry will cost after you’ve already scheduled an appointment.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

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Many of the services most often associated with dental emergencies (such as root canal therapy or dental crowns) are typically covered under dental insurance. Said coverage can be anywhere from 50% to 80% based on whether your plan considers the service in question to be a major or minor treatment. Also, most plans will pay for at least one emergency exam a year.

Remember that every dental insurance plan is different and that outside factors such as yearly maximums and deductibles can affect how much you end up paying out of your own pocket. You should double-check the specifics of your plan before your treatment begins.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

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If your insurance doesn’t cover a specific kind of emergency treatment, you can break up the cost of your care via third-party financing. We work with CareCredit to bring our patients flexible financing plans that let them pay for their care in smaller installments that can be made to fit any budget. Reach out to us today to learn more about the financial options that our practice has to offer.

Taking Care of Your Smile Can Save You Money

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Most dental emergencies can be avoided if you take good care of your smile. That means brushing and flossing every day while also visiting your dentist every six months. Investing in good oral hygiene might ultimately save you a lot of money that would otherwise have been spent on emergency care.

If you notice anything wrong with your smile, call our office right away. Dental problems don’t get better by themselves, so your best strategy for saving money is to have the issue treated while it’s still relatively small; waiting too long will likely result in a worse problem that requires more expensive care.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergencies can often happen when you least expect them. In fact, millions of people require urgent dental treatments every year. However, according to the American Dental Association, many patients who seek emergency dental care typically do so because of tooth decay that could have been addressed early on. For this reason, you’ll want to practice the proper precautions to significantly reduce the risks to your smile. Here are five essential methods to help you prevent dental emergencies in Rancho Park!

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

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Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any obvious discomfort, you may have a certain underlying dental issue that can quickly become an emergency if left untreated. The only way to know for sure if your oral health is in pristine condition is by scheduling an appointment with our team. By visiting us every six months or sooner, we can evaluate your teeth and gums to ensure there aren’t any minor developing issues that can turn into more serious complications, such as cavities and gum disease. Not only can we put a stop to any growing problems ahead of time, but we’ll also provide you with personalized preventive care to actively prevent issues altogether.

Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene At Home

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In between your visits, you’ll need to keep your teeth and gums clean with proper oral hygiene. By brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with mouthwash often, you can ensure your pearly whites are free of debris, plaque, and bacteria. If left unchecked, these components can cause decay or infections, which can gradually lead to a dental emergency.

Keep a Nutritious Diet

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Many of us already know that eating sugary treats too frequently can increase the risk of cavities. However, there are plenty of other foods you’ll likely want to avoid. Overindulging in hard foods, sticky treats, and acidic drinks can significantly raise your chances of several kinds of dental emergencies, such as cracked teeth and dental abscesses. To preserve your smile, make sure to stick to meals that are high in fiber, calcium, and vitamin C to effectively promote stronger and healthier teeth.

Wear a Mouthguard

mouthguards to prevent dental emergencies in Rancho Park

While your tooth enamel is the hardest material in your body, it can still be vulnerable to wear and tear or sudden impacts. If you have bruxism or tend to grind your teeth when you sleep, our team may be able to offer nightguards. These custom-made trays will help protect your pearly whites, preventing gradual damage to your enamel. Similarly, if you like to play contact sports where there’s a risk of getting hit in the face, we can recommend athletic mouthguards to cushion your teeth from physical trauma.

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

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You may think it’s convenient or saves you time if you use your teeth to open mail or even to hold a grocery bag. However, this can increase your risk of damaging your smile, which can become costly if you end up needing dental treatment to restore a chipped or cracked tooth. That’s why you should only use your teeth for eating food comfortably. Make sure to keep proper tools nearby so that you don’t accidentally put yourself at risk of a dental emergency in the future.

Dental Emergency FAQs

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Upon suffering any sort of dental emergency, you might have questions about where and how to address the situation. Below we’ve included some of the most common questions that we receive about dental emergencies along with our responses so that you can feel confident about handling whatever challenges life seems to throw your smile’s way! If you or a loved one has sustained a dental emergency in Los Angeles, our team is here to help; don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Will My Toothache Go Away on Its Own?

Despite any wishful thinking, toothaches don’t heal or go away on their own! In fact, a once-painful toothache that has disappeared could be a sign of an infection that needs immediate dental attention, as the very nerve of the tooth could be damaged. Sometimes the pain can also dissipate if it was caused by something like an object lodged between your teeth. In any case, if your tooth has been hurting for more than a day, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!

Should I Visit the Emergency Room First for Dental Emergencies?

This might seem a little counterintuitive, but generally, you shouldn’t go to an emergency room in these instances. Emergency rooms and their personnel often don’t have the necessary means to deal with toothaches or other serious oral injuries. While they can usually provide you with pain medication or antibiotics, it’s always going to be in your smile’s best interest to visit an emergency dentist first, as they’ll be able to provide pain relief and address the root of the issue! However, it’s worth noting that for broken or dislocated jawbones, serious cuts and lacerations, and swelling that impacts your ability to breathe or swallow, an emergency room is your best option.

What Does Throbbing Tooth Pain Mean?

Throbbing tooth pain can be quite uncomfortable, and it’s often a sign of an infection or inflammation within the tooth. Cavities (or cracks) inside the tooth allow air and bacteria to reach the sensitive inner area, where the pulp lies. This results in irritation as well as the potential infection of pulp nerves, which is very painful. It can also occur if tooth decay is present. In some cases, throbbing teeth could be due to chronic teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism).

My Chipped Tooth Doesn’t Hurt; Do I Still Need to Visit?

If you’ve sustained a chipped tooth, you might feel as though your situation doesn’t warrant emergency treatment, especially if the tooth doesn’t hurt. But the inner layers of the tooth could still be vulnerable to damage! Not to mention, the tooth might fracture even further without professional care, resulting in increased sensitivity, soreness, and overall discomfort.