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Is It Okay to Wear Dentures 24/7?

April 13, 2023

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Dentures soaking in a glass of water

You’ll likely want to use dentures often when you first get them. After all, doing so will keep your smile full and beautiful! Still, you shouldn’t wear these prosthetic teeth constantly. It’s actually risky to keep them in your mouth for too long. That being said, you may wonder: “Just how long can I wear dentures?” Well, never fear – your local Los Angeles dentist has the answer. Here, then, is how long you can wear dentures daily and the risks of overusing them.


Foods to Keep Your Teeth Bright After Teeth Whitening

March 22, 2023

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person with nice smile thanks to teeth whitening

When it comes to a beautiful smile, white teeth are often the first thing that people notice. However, though certain foods and drinks can cause teeth discoloration, others can help you maintain your results for longer. Professional teeth whitening can help remove these stains, but it’s essential to consume the right foods and drinks. Read on to learn what you should consume and other ways to maintain a brighter, whiter smile.


4 Tips to Make Your Dental Checkup Go Well 

February 8, 2023

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patient smiling while talking to dentist

Dental checkups are one of the most important parts of keeping your smile in good condition. Visiting your dentist twice per year allows them to keep an eye on your oral health and offer you tips on how to better care for your smile at home. During your biannual dental visits, there are several things that you can do to make the process easier for both yourself and your dental team. Continue reading to learn about four of them!


What Can You Expect After Getting a Dental Crown Placed?

January 6, 2023

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a person holding a dental crown

Modern technological advancements have made restoring your smile easier than ever. One of the most popular is a dental crown. It is an advanced type of dental restoration that repairs severely damaged or decayed teeth. By covering the entire tooth, a dental crown provides protection, while also improving its appearance. Many dentists now even offer CREC technology, which places the crown perfectly in just one visit! However, you may be also wondering what it will be like after the procedure. Here are four things to expect after getting a dental crown placed.


How Long Does a Dental Crown Usually Last?

December 7, 2022

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While tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. By grinding your teeth or taking an accidental blow to the mouth, you can still wear down or break your pearly whites. Fortunately, restorative treatments like dental crowns can effectively renew the strength, function, and beauty of your smile. However, you may be wondering about the longevity of these protective caps compared to your permanent teeth. Keep reading to learn how long a dental crown generally lasts and what you can do to extend its life.


What to Do If You Lose a Filling: 5 Simple Steps

November 19, 2022

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Woman with hand over mouth after losing a dental filling

Even a high-quality dental filling can eventually break or fall out of your mouth. This typically isn’t an urgent dental issue, but you should still take steps to deal with the problem as quickly as possible; you don’t want to leave your damaged tooth exposed for too long. Below are 5 steps you can follow to take control of this potentially alarming situation.


Everything You Need to Know About Oral Sedation

October 15, 2022

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It’s completely understandable to feel uneasy about visiting the dentist. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, or maybe you are naturally sensitive to having anyone work on your teeth. In any case, you shouldn’t neglect your oral health because of fear, especially when sedation dentistry can make your visit easy.

There are several ways your dentist can relax you before an appointment, and oral conscious sedation is one of the most popular. If you’re curious about this type of medication, here’s a quick guide that should help you out.


Can I Put a Knocked-Out Tooth Back in its Socket?

September 14, 2022

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A football-playing man with a knocked-out tooth

If you knock out one of your teeth, you may not know what to do. After all, such a situation isn’t (hopefully) something that happens every day. For instance, you might wonder if it’s possible to put the knocked-out tooth back in its socket. However, you’d want some assurance before trying something like that. That said, your Los Angeles dentist is here to tell you it’d be fine to try. To prove it, here’s a summary of safe steps to take when handling a knocked-out tooth.


5 Things You Couldn’t Do Without Teeth

August 18, 2022

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Close up of woman’s teethYou brush and floss your teeth, but you probably don’t spend much time thinking about them during the day. However, your teeth are pretty amazing. Their purposes extend beyond grinding and chewing your food. Although you may not realize it, you rely on your teeth for much more than a nutritious diet and a beautiful smile. Here are 5 things you wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t have any teeth. 


Dental Emergency? Tips to Find a Dentist Quickly

August 15, 2022

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Woman in pain at emergency dentistYou probably never expect a dental emergency to happen to you, but 1 in 6 Americans face this situation annually. If you aren’t prepared for the unexpected, a stressful day can become more challenging as you search for an emergency dentist. If you need an appointment right away, don’t panic. Here’s how to find an emergency dentist in a hurry.


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