ClearCorrect – Los Angeles, CA

Straighten Your Teeth the Metal-Free Way

Are you unhappy with your smile because your teeth aren’t straight? If so, there’s good news: metal brackets and wires are no longer the only orthodontic treatment available! At Rancho Park Dental Group, we can align your teeth and your bite discreetly and comfortably with ClearCorrect. If you want to learn how the aligners work, the benefits, and more, then keep reading or schedule an appointment with us.

Why Choose Rancho Park Dental Group for ClearCorrect?

  • Focus on Fantastic Dental Quality
  • Easy-to-Understand Treatment Plans
  • Convenient Appointment Times

How ClearCorrect Works

Dentist with white gloves placing clear aligner on patient's top teeth

Instead of moving your teeth into their properly aligned positions with brackets and wires, ClearCorrect applies a gentle pressure with a series of custom-made trays. Each set will move your teeth incrementally closer to where they should be, and the following one will pick up from there. This process will repeat until your teeth are perfectly aligned.

Indications for ClearCorrect

Illustration of clear aligner being placed on model of teeth

Patients with all sorts of orthodontic problems have used ClearCorrect, including crowded teeth, spaced-out teeth, and overbites. Here’s a little more information on each:

Crowded Teeth

If there isn’t enough space in your mouth, your teeth will overlap, negatively impacting the look, health, and function of your smile. The good news is that the aligners can discreetly and gently move your teeth from where they are now to where they should be.

Gaps Between Teeth

Spaced-out teeth are another common orthodontic problem that can result in everything from low self-esteem to a high risk of gum disease. That’s why patients are encouraged to see if they are a candidate for ClearCorrect – the look and health of your smile can benefit from it!

Bite Alignment

If your upper and lower teeth don’t come together evenly, you can experience premature wear, chronic jaw pain, TMJ dysfunction, and several other problems. With the help of other orthodontic accessories, like rubber bands, ClearCorrect can correct overbites, crossbites, and the like.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect

Woman smiling while holding clear aligner

A few of the many reasons patients love ClearCorrect include:

  • There are fewer check-in visits
  • No complicated oral hygiene regimens
  • The average treatment timeline is shorter
  • The trays are removable
  • There aren’t any metal brackets or wires

How Much Does ClearCorrect Cost?

Dentist holding clear aligner with blue glove

You might be surprised to hear that there isn’t a flat fee for ClearCorrect. The reason why is that every treatment plan is customized depending on how complex the patient’s case is, how many aligners are needed, and if other orthodontic accessories need to be included. Rest assured, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost at your consultation, and we’ll also go over the financial solutions we offer to make the price as affordable as possible.